San Servolo
Where to find us

The EU Project Management Training Centre is based in Venice, on the magnificent island of San Servolo, on the campus of the Venice International University.

The Island lies in the southern lagoon, just a short journey by vaporetto water bus from St. Mark’s Square: the position, overlooking the Palazzo Ducale, the Riva degli Schiavoni and the Biennial Gardens on one side and the Lido on the other, makes it a privileged, if not unique, viewpoint.
San Servolo is the only island in the Venetian lagoon to have been reclaimed with massive and excellent restoration by a local authority, the Province of Venice.

Founded as a monastery for Benedictine monks in the ninth century, later turned into a military hospital in the eighteenth century and then finally into a psychiatric hospital in the early nineteenth century, nowadays the island is used as a venue for education and dialogue between different cultures and experiences, surrounded by memories and history, setting it apart from the intended purpose of all the other islands in the lagoon.
In actual fact, today the island houses the campus of the Venice International University, a consortium of several universities from all over the world, as well as of Italian institutions, dedicated to research and higher education.
On the island we can also find the Museo del Manicomio, or Asylum Museum, and exhibitions and cultural events of various kinds are regularly organised. What is more, there is also a canteen, bar and several rooms for guests to use.
The Island is currently managed by San Servolo Servizi srl, a company established by the Province of Venice to offer conference services, catering and accommodation to users and tourists.

How to reach us

Isola di San Servolo can be reached in 10 minutes by vaporetto water bus no. 20, leaving from the ACTV San Zaccaria dock (San Marco) approximately every half hour, depending on the time of day.
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At the adjacent dock, boats arrive and depart to and from the FS train station (“Ferrovia” stop) and to and from Piazzale Roma, no. 51 or no. 42 (crossing the Giudecca canal – 20-25 minute boat journey) or no. 1 (crossing the Canal Grande – approx. 45 minute boat journey).
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