What is EU Project Management?

EU Project Management is a neologism that is used to indicate all the complex activities required for the purposes of the production, drafting and submission of European projects, meaning those proposals for funding addressed to the European Union, in response to the calls for proposals that it publishes on an almost daily basis. The use of this term, which cannot be easily translated into the other European languages, began in Italy in the late Nineties. Officially it actually appeared for the first time in the name of the EU Project Management Training Centre in Venice, or the Centro di Formazione in Europrogettazione.
EU Project Management can involve both public entities (state and local, including institutes of economics and research) and private organisations (companies, associations, foundations, etc.), and is often referred to as one of the most promising “sources of employment”. For businesses, in times of economic crisis and difficulty in accessing credit or risk capital, a European contribution can offer a chance for development not to be missed. Just as for the local Authority it is the compulsory route to be taken in creating innovative projects that cannot be supported with ordinary financing.
Due to the increasing competition for EU funding, professionals in EU Project Management must constantly update their skills and systematically cultivate the international and institutional relations required to build partnerships, whilst professional training procedures must provide both basic knowledge of the tools used in EU Project Management, and a significant amount of practical activity in the field. In actual fact, the European project, despite having to respond to and comply with strict regulations, is a “product” that is basically “crafted”, where the hand of the developer and the skill in raising expectations and prompting curiosity, and in representing the initial ideas, actions, objectives and possible developments of European relevance, is still of vital importance for its success.

EU Project Management? It’s right for you…

… if you are a Company, or a consulting firm, wishing to find new resources while opening up to Europe and the World; if you wish to propose projects, for yourself or your clients, in the Research, Technological Development, Information Technology and Net Economy sectors; if you work in the Environment or Energy sectors, Health or Safety, Transport or Logistics, Food and Agriculture or Telecommunications: there is no manufacturing sector that can be considered excluded from EU planning!
… if you are a public institution or an organisation in the Third sector, interested in proposing and funding the most innovative projects, thus improving your operational capacity and the quality of your services: local governance, services to citizens and other users, new technologies, supporting the economy, protecting the environment, participation, integration, immigration, new forms of poverty: there is no public concern that can be considered excluded from EU planning!