Andrea Bellani – Expert in planning and managing EU projects in social, training and labour policy contexts, he has developed important partnerships with ministries, local authorities, companies, training and third sector organisations. He works as an expert evaluator for the European Commission for the Lifelong Learning Programme and the Citizenship Programme. He is a consultant and lecturer on researching funds, social budgeting, corporate social responsibility and European project management and collaborates with Volunteer Service Centres in Reggio Emilia and Modena, the National Coordination of  Volunteer Service Centres and the European Volunteer Centre transnational network.


Ivan Boesso – Having graduated in Electronic Engineering at Padua, and following a brief collaboration with the University, he joined Veneto Innovazione. Initially he dealt with regional funding for research and innovation in Programmes financed by the European Regional Development Fund.  He later approached the field of European projects, at first regarding the provision of information to potential participants and then through the development and management of projects for Veneto Innovazione. Today he manages the European Projects and Technology Transfer area of the Agency and is directly involved in several initiatives regarding programmes funded by ERDF, CIP and the RTD Framework Programme.


Lucia Brusegan – An expert in planning, project management and fund raising, she works as a consultant offering technical assistance to agencies, organisations and scientific institutions that operate on a national and international level. She has realised several initiatives in Italy, Europe and Africa, handling relations with the various partners and having recourse to different financing tools.  In particular, she has dealt with projects on issues such as the environment and landscape, on planning and sustainable management of natural resources, and on the labour market



Mia Cappellari – Managing Director of DGR Consulting S.r.l., a company that specialises in EU Project Management, subsidised funding and corporate training. She is a developer and consultant on managing, monitoring and reporting projects financed with European funds for multiple public and private entities.



Roberto Carpano – An economist, in 2011 he founded www.europabook.eu the new portal for international organisations interested in participating in EU funding, and is currently the Director. As an international professional he has gained more than twenty years of experience in “European Affairs” in the Foreign Relations, Cultural Heritage and Environmental sectors. He also deals with development of cooperation strategies, management of complex international programmes, monitoring and ex ante evaluation.



Carla Cavallini – Director of the EU information centre EUROPE DIRECT – Carrefour Europeo Emilia (based in Reggio Emilia) since it opened in 1993, European Commission lecturer (Team Europe) and member of the National Community of EU information officers, established by Formez. Teacher trainer with several authorities and institutes, she carries out academic, communication, journalistic and consultancy activities on key EU issues and the EU integration process.



Germana Di Falco – Professor of Economics for Public Administration and of Management and Finance for International Projects at Rome’s Tor Vergata University. She coordinates the technical secretariat of the Presidency of the Budgeting and Planning Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. She works for the Romanian Government and the Moldavian Government on projects for international cooperation, in her capacity as Advisor, and as a consultant for several Italian Provinces and Regions creating projects using EU funds.



Maria Sole D’Orazio – Having graduated in Communication Sciences at Padua, she has worked for seven years as Project Manager at Veneto Innovazione, the regional agency for promoting research and innovation. She deals with European project planning and management, in particular on issues connected to the development of policies for innovation and international cooperation. In her activities as a planner she works on drafting projects concerning the Interreg Programme, CIP and Framework Programmes.  She participates as a speaker in conferences, including international events, and holds training courses on EU project management.



Emanuele Farnetani – He has been working in the Italian local authority system for 20 years. He is the coordinator of the national AICCRE and, as such, deals with training activities on EU issues for Italian local and regional organisations.



Luca Ferrarese – Finance Director of the Technical Secretary of the “Central Europe” Territorial Cooperation Programme, based in Vienna. Previously he was a consultant for Regions, Provinces, Municipalities, universities, trade associations and private parties in planning and managing international projects that are co-financed with EU and national funds. He is an expert in technical and administrative assistance and monitoring.  He has also participated in developing and managing EU and national projects on research and innovation, and has planned and realised initiatives that were co-funded by Structural Funds regarding the environment, local development, rural development and fishery.



Lodovico Gherardi – He is an officer for the Emilia-Romagna Region, Director General of European and International Relations.  During the 2000-2006 planning he was Deputy Chairman of the Italian National Committee, coordinator of the Italian Regions and a member of the Monitoring and Steering Committee for the Interreg IIIB CADSES programme. Currently, as part of the Territorial Cooperation Objective 2007-2013, he is Italian Coordinator, chairman of the national committee and member of the Monitoring Committee for the South East Europe Transnational Programme. Furthermore, he is a member of the Supervisory Committee for the Italy-Slovenia Cross-border Programme and the task force for developing the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Programme.



Maurizio Mosca – Works as an Expert at the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
Previously, as a researcher at ISFOL (Institute for the Development of Vocational Training for Workers), he handled issues connected to transnational cooperation, to equal opportunities and to European thematic networks. Since 1996 he has been involved in professional training, with jobs including coordination, planning, monitoring and assessment of programmes and ESF projects.
He has published materials on transnational cooperation issues. He carries out training activities for public and private organisations, on the issues of EU project management, sustainability, mainstreaming and network models.



Attilio Orecchio – He has been working in European project management since 1999, particularly in education, professional training, social issues and the environment. He has developed and coordinated several EU projects on behalf of NGOs, Municipalities, Provinces, School Consortia and social cooperatives. He is currently manager of the Global Education desk of the ProgettoMondo Mlal, a non-governmental organisation project.



Giovanni Seppia – Head of foreign relations at EURid (European Registry of Internet Domain names), the organisation that handles registration of .eu domains. Previously, he worked at ICANN as regional representative for Europe, and was director general of CENTR. He also held the position of head of foreign relations for the Italian register (IIT- CNR) and boasts a three-year experience in different roles within the European Commission.



Ivan Sgandurra – Member of the Services d’Ingénierie Intégrée – S.a.r.l. (Archamps, France), for more than ten years he has been offering consultancy services to Public organisations, Universities, Associations and SMEs in the realisation of EU and national projects, as well as in drafting local development plans. He coordinated the planning and subsequent management of several EU projects in sectors such as culture, social policy, R&D, education and training. As a developer at S.I.I. he handles the drafting of projects on biogas and renewable energy, as well as projects relating to Structural Funds in several Italian regions.



Luca Soranzo – Certified Professional Accountant and auditor, first level controller of projects funded by the Alpine Space, Central Europe, South East Europe, Interreg IVC and MED Programmes. He is working on projects for technical assistance to the Managing Authorities (ERDF and ESF) and on international audit projects. Developer of interventions funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).  Freelance journalist for Ipsoa.


Giovanni Tonutti
 – Expert in training planning and international planning, he worked for several training institutions for 12 years. Since 2010 he has been employed by the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, where he deals with coordination and drafting of international projects on behalf of the Central Authority for Labour, Training, Commerce and Equal Opportunities. In 2005 he founded a non-profit organisation to work on development cooperation and on behalf of which he deals with fund raising and drafting of projects for international exchange and intervention.